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Semi-automatic rubber pad assembly fixture

Client:Guangdong Magna Automotive Mirrors Co.,Ltd


Client:Guangdong Magna Automotive Mirrors Co.,Ltd

1. The design adopts the handle and rubber pad for manual feeding, which is placed in the mold cavity to prevent the blank;  
2. The handle positioning mold adopts 3D anti shape processing to ensure accurate positioning. At the same time, the swing arm pressing cylinder is designed to be installed on the pneumatic slide table together with the positioning mold. After manually placing the handle and pressing the start button with both hands, the swing arm cylinder automatically presses the handle, and the pneumatic slide table slides into the assembly position.   
3. The double axis guide cylinder + air claw (4 claw) mechanism is used to take out the rubber pad, open the rubber pad and press in the rubber pad. Four fingers are specially designed for the air claw to take out and put out the rubber pad (extend into the square hole of the rubber pad, and stretch outward).   
4. A set of finger cylinder + double axis guide cylinder (lifting and pressing) is set at one side of the assembly station, which is used for separating the rubber pad from the claw and flattening the rubber pad.

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