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Automatic egg loading machine

Client: Jingdong Digital Technology Co., Ltd 


Client: Jingdong Digital Technology Co., Ltd 

   1.Chain plate (durable, easy to clean) buffer conveyor line and belt line are used as stacking buffer for egg stacking and empty paper tray respectively;
2. Servo motor + linear module (screw rod + heavy guide rail) is used to realize the lifting of servo chain plate line, so as to ensure the cooperation with egg fetching manipulator to meet the requirements of high response and high precision.
3. Siemens V90 servo motor, PROFINET bus control, high response and high reliability are selected as servo motor; Taiwan brand is selected for linear module and its screw rod; Taiwan AIRTAC or air cylinder is selected.
4. The egg stack cache line and the empty paper tray stack cache line can cache multiple stacks, and multiple photoelectric sensors are installed in both cache lines to prompt manual removal of empty paper tray and loading.

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