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Control system of engine assembly and inspection production line - Volvo plant

Client: PTA Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd 


Client: PTA Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd 

Electrical hardware configuration:
Siemens PLC, HMI, cu320, MM440, rf340c, etc
Pilz safety relay, sew motor
ABB Robot and Atlas tightening gun, Cognex vision system 
Key points of control technology:
Solutions for powertrain -- transline 2000: Siemens solutions based on powertrian. Transline is good at modular design and can be widely used in flexible production line, transmission line and assembly line.
STEP7 graph: sequential flow chart language, clearly describes the process of each step; improve the efficiency of programming and debugging. Complete fault location with SIMATIC HMI / SCADA proagent option. 
SIMATIC HMI / SCADA proagent: it is used to configure the process diagnosis and fault alarm of SIMATIC S7. It only needs to configure the fault and alarm information in step 7, and then compile it in HMI to avoid repeated configuration of alarm variable information in HMI. It can quickly complete fault location, monitor program segment status, and support on-site fault analysis and troubleshooting. 
Duga: MES system developed by Volvo company is used with Siemens RFID, and each station compares and confirms engine number and process.

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