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Coating workshop control system, Shanghai Volkswagen , ABB Laboratory

Client: Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd. PPA


Client: Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd. PPA

Electrical hardware configuration: 
Siemens PLC CPU 414, HMI, Moby, encoder, etc 
Sew frequency converter, servo, motor, keens PLC  
Pilz PNOZmulti modular safety relay
ABB spraying robot 
Sick safety grating, safety explosion-proof sensor   
Key points of control technology:  
InTouch human-machine interface: flexible man-machine interface technology, which can be quickly applied to different sites.   
The number of the actual vehicle position is determined by counting the number of fmatic350 high-speed encoders. PLC controls the robot to spray automatically through FIFO program.  
Siemens Moby: the automatic cleaning machine automatically reads the model and color data from moby-i station at the entrance of spray room, and transmits it to the automatic coating machine through PROFIBUS field bus. Through the hardware system composed of color change valve, metering pump and atomizer, and the software control system composed of DDE server and SIMATIC S7, the automatic coating machine realizes automatic identification of vehicle type and color, automatic painting, automatic color change, automatic cleaning and automatic paint injection.

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